Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions

Hello, and welcome! We appreciate your interest in working with ManageBNB. We hope you’ll find much of the information you’re seeking here on this page. We like to be transparent, upfront, so you know exactly how we work and what to expect.In the event you need succinct answers to our most asked questions, please find several helpful items below! 

Fees and Costs

Marketing and Management Fee – A Flat 20% of pre-tax rental revenue.* 
Cleaning Fees – Varies, and is paid by the guest. 
Restocking Fees – Varies, based on the needs of the property. 

(Optional) – Maintenance Fees – Owners may elect also to pay a monthly maintenance fee, typically ranging from $200-$300/month. Monthly maintenance fee includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Basic lawn care (mowing, weeding)
  • Trash removal
  • Tidying of exterior spaces such as sweeping decks and entry walls, blowing leaves/cobwebs, positioning patio furniture after big storms. 
  • Salting driveways and walkways during cold months
  • Regularly changing HVAC filters (every 3 months during winter, every 1 month during high season) at cost (no labor charge). 
  • Regularly replacing light bulbs at cost (no labor charge).
  • Regularly replacing smoke detector and CO detector batteries, as well as batteries for other household appliances at cost (no labor charge).
  • Handling small maintenance items, such as tightening chair legs, door handles, replacing water filters, etc. at cost (no labor charge)
  • For Large Repairs (only if applicable) – Setting up and meeting vendors, builders, and/or other professionals with a labor charge for time involved

*15% is our base fee. For properties located in remote areas, or that require very specific care instructions, our fees may vary. 

We want to be clear: We are a property management company that contracts with cleaners, NOT a cleaning company that also tries their hand at property management. That being said, the cleaners we contract, we believe, are extraordinary. Our average clean is 3-6 hours in length, depending on property size, which ensures your property is given adequate attention and small details are rarely overlooked. 

We require each property we work with to invest in 2 sets of white sheets for each bed (including sofa beds), enough towels for your maximum occupancy guests to have 2 towels, 1 hand towel and 1 wash cloth per person, and prefer owners to also provide 2 sets of plain dish towels, 2 sets of plain bathmats, and 2 sets of duvet covers. Our cleaners ALWAYS launder towels onsite, and will sometimes take a second set of sheets or duvets OFFSITE to launder, to enable an efficient “flip” and allow incoming guests to arrive on time. 

Of course, if you have cleaners you love, we work with you and them to onboard them into our systems.

Just as we are not a cleaning company, we are also not a maintenance company, though we have contracted maintenance providers and are happy to arrange for maintenance for your home, by request. 

We expect all properties and property owners to:

  • Invest in 2 HVAC inspections each year (one in spring, one in the fall). 
  • Complete 2 thorough property walk throughs each year, or contract with us to complete. 
  • Invest in regular paint touch-ups.
  • Regularly replace pillows, blankets, duvets or rugs as necessary. 
  • Contract with pest control providers. 
  • Maintain structural integrity of the property and all household appliances and systems. 
  • Periodically review aesthetic of the interior and exterior and update as necessary, so as to stay competitive with other listings. 
  • Periodically review household items (i.e. pots, pans, glasses, cups, etc) to ensure a high quality and replace/repair as necessary.
  • Maintain functioning cable, internet, devices to play music, etc. for guest use. 

Our providers do a broad visual quality check of your property check, and report all issues to our managers, who will address anything that would impact a property’s ability to be rented. Issues that are not emergent, exceed your allotted management spending limit and do not need immediate attention will be reported to you as observed, on a monthly basis, along with your monthly statement. Emergent issues that would impact a guest’s stay or the integrity of the property will be addressed immediately, regardless of cost and our ability to acquire your permission. All expenses will be deducted from revenues reported. Should an owner prefer to reimburse us separately for expenses and services rendered, they may do so via credit card, which will incur a 3% transaction fee. All maintenance issues that require skilled, licensed or insured handy people will be billed at market rates (as of late 2020 between $85-$100 hourly).

We also strongly suggest the use of programmable thermostats (e.g. Nest) to ensure the proper temperature settings in each property, preventing guests from taxing the systems. We do request access to those systems to ensure we can troubleshoot as necessary with guests. 

Our full-service management contract is a 90 day minimum, with a 90 day notice for contract termination. 

In areas where a permit is required, you absolutely must have a permit or be willing to acquire one in order for us to work together. We are not willing to put you, our company or our other clients at risk by working on a property that is not properly licensed. 

We service Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Northeastern Massachusetts. 

Depending on your choice, we market on Airbnb, VRBO/Homeaway and several other sites, keeping an eye on seasonality and event trends. We regularly update listings and pricing manually (on a regular basis) to ping the various platforms you’ll be featured on and alert them to the fact that we are still active. We always want to get you top dollar, and that is our first priority. 

We screen guests thoroughly by getting to know them, the reason for their trip, and continuing conversations throughout their entire stay. Our track record for respectful guests is strong, but of course, no house is immune to the occasional reckless guest. In those instances, we work with either the damage deposit (Airbnb) or required purchased insurance (VRBO/Homeaway) to replace or repair any damage done during a guests’ stay. In some instances, if we’re not able to recover the full amount necessary of the damages done by a guest. In those instances, the owner is responsible financially for any additional cost incurred. 

If you’re interested in working with us, the next step is a no-obligation 60-minute phone or Zoom consultation so we can learn more about your property. You can click here to contact us!


  • Cable television, or a way for guests to connect to internet TV (i.e. Smart tv, Hulu Live, Apple TV, Roku, Sling, etc)
  • Double sheets and one plentiful set of towels (all white)
  • Entire property dedicated to short term rental (not just one room)
  • Adequate comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements for guests
  • A place for guests to hang clothes and place a suitcase
  • Thoughtful, relevant decor
  • High speed internet
  • Fully functional home systems (HVAC, plumbing, electric, appliances, etc)
  • Hair dryers in each bathroom
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Electronic lock (we can help install this)
  • Keypad on any garage/carport
  • Adequate trash disposal (2 metro trash carts if in Nashville)
  • Appropriate window coverings
  • Bluetooth connection to play music
  • Vacuum and basic cleaning supplies for guest use
  • Prefer laundry onsite
  • All utilities turned on and on auto-pay

​The rest varies by property, but we will be happy to give specific suggestions once we meet.